Sustainability, regulation and maritime economy

Marine environment and maritime activities are researched from multiple perspectives, including ecological, legal, political/governance, business-, and socio-economic perspectives. The challenge is all these usually are analysed individually, and not holistically. For example, how to meet environmental sustainability goals and targets without compromising social and economic goals, and vice versa? We use different research methods and promote multidisciplinary sustainability research.

Examples of projects:

  • Sustis I and Sustis II, Sustainability and Transparency in Shipbuilding Networks. The project focused on collecting, combining and utilization of sustainability information of materials and manufacturing processes for creating sustainability based value in shipbuilding. (2016-2019) 

Contacts: Anna Törnroos-Remes (, Marikka Heikkilä (, Magnus Hellström (, Henrik Ringbom (, Tomi Solakivi (, and Nina Tynkkynen (